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I've been walking dogs for almost twenty years. Currently I own two setters and know what a challenge it can be to keep your dog happy and healthy when balancing work and family commitments. Your dog will thank you for involving a dog walker. An exhausted dog is a happy dog!

Jo Goodson
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All walks are a minimum of 50 minutes. If we're having fun or I'm feeling adventurous we may go further so please let me know if your dog is not able to cope with a walk longer than 50 minutes. I only walk dogs who are (moderately) well behaved. I don't need perfection and can cope with a little pulling on the lead when the initial excitement of a walk has yet to wear off, but no aggressive dogs or permanent arm yankers. All dogs must be well socialised with other pets and young children. If dogs are young and fit I may run with them to cover a greater distance, generally I find dogs like the feeling of running with the pack. If your dog is unable to cope with this please let me know at our initial meeting. I can usually spot dogs who will or won't cope with a running walk.

I walk dogs between 10.30 and 2.30 Monday to Friday. Your dog may be collected or dropped off outisde of these times depending on where we are going for our days walk. After the walk I message owners to let them know their beloved pet is home safe, sound and hopefully tired! I have a VW estate fitted with industry approved dog crates for safe transport of your dog. I also own dog seatbelts and harnesses. If your dog wins me over they may be permitted to ride on the human seats on non-muddy days (if this has been okayed in advance by you the owner). Dogs are always separated from one another during transport but are free to mingle during the walks. I usually walk dogs in packs of three as I find this to be a manageable number. Groups may be larger if my own two dogs are tagging along.

Before I take on a dog there is always a trial walk with the owner where we can discuss your dogs needs and see how they cope with a group walk (I bring my two dogs as a test). If this goes well then we can sign contracts and hand over keys at the end of this first meeting. I will keep your dog on the lead for the first few walks to ensure we have a bond. After this your dog will be let off the lead in an enclosed field where I will verify recall before giving them true freedom on our walks in the country. Variety is the spice of life and I like to take the dogs all around the local area.

Dog training is hard work and I will be keen to know what commands you use or are working on and will do my best to help you improve your dogs training during our walks.

I do go on the occasional holiday and I will give you as much warning as possible about weeks when I am unable to walk your dogs, not usually more than two or three weeks of the year. I don't work on bank holidays unless by special arrangement. During school holidays my children are often part of the dog walk - like the dogs I walk they are (moderately) well behaved.

If this sounds like the sort of care you are looking for please do call or email me to find out what spaces I have available.

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